have a good trip!

The good or bad thing about life, I can’t say, is that it’s always a coming and going of people, people coming in and people going out, people you meet and people you leave. It looks a bit like a bus on which people get on and off at the various stops along the route. At each stop, someone comes aboard and sits next to you; someone else greets you and comes down the back door to continue his journey.

The really strange thing is that it’s not the number of stops you share that makes the bond more or less deep. There are travel companions who have been sitting in their place for some time but, nevertheless, remain distant, a little far and strangers; others, on the other hand, have just jumped on-board but you feel you have something in common with them, that you have shared something, perhaps small and short, but at the same time dense and significant. Life is strange: it’s not the kilometers that make the difference, it’s not the length of the road that determines the weight of a relationship; it depends on other factors, often so impalpable as to make them ineffable.

I confess that today it was not easy to say goodbye to David, who after several months of working together, has chosen to follow his dream and leave our work team for now. It’s never easy to say goodbye but it’s even more difficult when you feel that passenger, who sat next to you, close and familiar. Yet sometimes you should have the courage to say goodbye, to let go, to let him get off the bus. Even if the heart says no, it is basically a gesture of friendship: every bond is nourished by wishing the good of the other, his success and his fulfilment. If you love you should let go. It is true in love, it is true in friendship, it is true for any relationship in our life.

One thing I learned today from David, actually two. The first is that sometimes you need to have the courage to follow your dreams and chase your lucky star. Sometimes this means leaving, other times it means staying; sometimes you have to get off the bus, other times to continue the journey. In all cases it is a matter of following your desire and setting out towards where our heart already lives.

The second thing I learned comes from something David told me: “when you come to Spain, remember that you have a home here!” It’s true: any true bond represents the gift of a home, a place to stay with trust and hope, a place to live in with serenity and peace.

In short: you can get on and off the bus as many times as you want, but when you put your roots in someone’s heart, it doesn’t matter how far life will take you.

Have a good trip David! Buen viaje!


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