life under quarantine

Sometimes life asks you to change quickly and unexpectedly, without giving you any warning or prior notification.

Look for example now: I am at my desk making a call with my colleagues who are working from home as well; in my son’s room I hear a voice coming from the pc that speaks in Greek while from my daughter’s room I hear a biology lesson made using “google meet”. When I go downstairs into the kitchen, I can hear my wife giving assistance to a customer for a problem on the payslip. In short, it seems that the whole world has met at my house today: while, until some weeks ago, each of us went out to attend to their own occupations, now it seems that it was the occupations that reached us at home.

My home was transformed into a small micro cosmos in which different dimensions of life coexist: there are the familiar spaces, those of meals, of dialogue and relaxation; then there are also spaces for learning and education, those in which you study and grow; finally, there is no shortage of places of work, production and employment.

This strange situation, that the coronavirus epidemic has created, has deeply transformed our days and the rhythms of our lives: we all live in a kind of parallel dimension, where the things we have always done, the daily rituals of the lives, were put on stand-by and, with strain and speed, we had to embrace a new lifestyle, a little lonely and secluded.

As always happens in life, this new and unexpected situation has stolen us something old and has given us something new. Certainly it took away our daily contact with the people we frequented, friends, colleagues, sports and music companions, theater, cinema or other; it took away from us the freedom of movement, to make trips or vacations, to see people or to organize dinners with friends and relatives.

On the other hand, it also gave us more time for ourselves, that time that we have always dreamed of and that now suddenly becomes available: time to read or think, to see some TV series or some magazines that has been for months on the shelf full of dust; but above all, time to be with our wives, husbands and children, time to speak and listen, time to do something together, time to share bits of life that we have not done until now.

The days we are living in Italy are not beautiful days but it is an opportunity to take care of ourselves and our loved ones and to put the things that really matter at the center of our lives.


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