“Thanks” is, at the same time, a docile and powerful word. It is a simple, familiar, everyday term that we use on the most diverse occasions: when someone opens the door to us, when we are given the rest of a purchase, when someone gives way to us or when we are object of a gesture of attention. This word is sometimes a bit “ordinary” because it comes out as an unreflected sound from our mouth, as an act of good manners but without a specific meaning or importance. Although less and less used, the word “thanks” expresses the healthy sense of sociality that governs our relationships, that bon-ton that should distinguish our relationships and our contacts.

Yet there are moments when those simple six letters take on an unexpected value, as if they were distilled like a very precious balm, like drops of an elixir of great value. Sometimes inside a “thank” there are years and years of knowledge, esteem, mutual appreciation, collaboration, understanding, sometimes even affection. In a “thanks” sometimes you will find a lot of shared efforts, many goals achieved together, some failures or falls, light and pleasant days together with others harder and tiring. Sometimes in a “thanks” there are even never expressed feelings, affections hidden with modesty, never shared joys; there is often a deep sense of gratitude, of a spontaneous and true obligation, heartfelt and authentic.

“Thanks” means recognition not only for what one has done but for what one has been; it tells about lives that have intertwined, about destinies that have strangely crossed together, days and months spent together.

Certain “thanks” are a poor but reliable bridge between two hearts, like a lifeline launched in the life of the other so that, despite the distance, the passing of time and the efforts, the gift of mutual presence is not lost.


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