a good job day

I’m coming back home tonight with that clear “skin” feeling that today has been a good job day. These are perceptions that you feel instinctively, for no apparent reason or explanation. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that what you feel is something unreal or irrational, but simply that the “skin” sometimes gets where the heart doesn’t. It’s not unusual: someday the “feeling” comes before the “understanding”, which arrives – when it does – only later on and after long thinking. So, in some cases, it’s necessary to trust and rely on the inbound skin impressions, knowing that perhaps you will understand the reason only after.

It comes naturally to me to wonder where this impression comes from, what the source is, what the trigger is. The answer is not simple, since the bridge that links feeling to thought is often very shaky and unsafe … it’s necessary to move on slowly and carefully, better watching where you’re going.

Today was a day of testing and planning for our team, a time for a “sprint plan” – for those used to Agile methodology. It’s a time in which the team stops the daily race and takes stock of the situation: it checks if the goals have been achieved, evaluating the working manner and planning the next stretch of the road. Obviously, nothing extraordinary: this is what happens on a regular basis. Yet what happened today was particularly intense and rewarding. The reason for this “extraordinary” doesn’t lie in anything said or done, but in the overall atmosphere of the work, an atmosphere that is always difficult to convey and tell.

It was nice to see how, if properly motivated and if the “external” conditions allow it, people can activate a dynamic of collaboration, mutual help and cooperation. And this can happen not as something induced or forced but with the spontaneity that always accompanies the things that are done with belief.

This is: today was a beautiful day because, although the constant worries for things to do, the people emerged; it came to the light their commitment and dedication and their ability to work together, overcoming envy and narrow rivalries.


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